Dry Air Blast Coolers

Air Blast Coolers consists of a cooling coil, which contains the hot process liquid that is to be cooled, fans which supply the cooling air and fins which give an increased heat transfer area. 

Air blast coolers are generally used to replace cooling towers in processes which don't have a low temperature cooling water requirement.  Thus avoiding the expensive water treatment and maintenance costs typically associated with cooling towers. 

Horizontal Mounted Air Blast Cooler

In general the capital cost of an air blast cooler is higher, but the overall operating costs tend to be lower.  These units tend to be used in sensitive locations, such as hospitals, offices and supermarkets

"V" Shaped Air Blast Cooler

Air blast coolers are designed on the basis of dry bulb temperatures.  This means they are restricted in their cooling capability to about 3oC above the outside ambient temperature.  However, because they are closed circuit systems, there is no evaporative losses and therefore good for reducing water demand